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Nino,like Cher?

Nino is a performer currently residing in New York City. He graduated from Emerson College with a BFA in Musical Theatre and since then has been traveling to stages all over the US (and sometimes Canada) singing, acting, and shaking what Mrs. Ruggeri gave him.

Nino has also had the pleasure of working with several companies at regional theatres around the US including; Dublin Worldwide (Santa's Christmas Wonderland & Christmas on Ice), New Bedford Festival Theatre (White Christmas & Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat), and Florida Studio Theatre (Creedence Clearwater REMIXED).

Nino's drag persona, Rose Marian Thyme, has also made appearances on the stage including theatres like OFC Creations Theatre (Dance Mums: A Drag Parody Musical), Kai Amore Productions (Here I Am) and Laugh Out Loud Productions (Housewives of Secaucus).

In his free time, he enjoys watching the classics: The Golden Girls, Dance Moms, and on special occasions, The Nanny. He enjoys espresso martinis, cooking, and a sensible murder documentary. When not performing, Nino can be found substitute teaching at local pre-school and K-12 schools in the area. When the weather is good he loves going on long walks and hikes.

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